Is An Erotic Massage Safe?

If you have never experienced an erotic massage from a professional establishment, you’re probably questioning whether making an appointment is safe.

The good news is that – despite what you may hear in the media – erotic massages are completely safe. After all, an erotic massage is just a form of massage therapy performed by specialist massage therapists trained in the art of deep relaxation with sensual techniques.

With an erotic massage, you satisfy your relaxation needs and sexual desires, and several experts claim it’s good for your overall health and circulation!

But for years, inaccurate myths and rumours have circled erotic massages, when it came to safety, and venereal diseases. Needless to say, this 100% inaccurate – our safe, secure, and established erotic massage parlour in Cape Town stands testament to that.

For those of you who need some reassurances, here are some things you should know about erotic massages and safety.


If you are new to the erotic massage scene, it’s important to select a location that’s both clean and sanitary. After all, there’s nothing worse than walking into an establishment that’s filthy and unorganized – that’ll do nothing to relax you for your massage.

To prevent that from happening, check the parlour’s website first to see if it’s updated and maintained. An innovative website typically indicates a professional business.

If cleanliness is of the utmost importance to you, it’s wise to stay away from saunas or bathhouses. These tend to be harder to clean as there’s a lot more traffic coming through each hour. Some clients prefer to phone or email in advance and ask about the maintenance of the facility and ask specific details about the cleaning products.

Private bathtub

At Epicure, we treat our guests to the most luxurious suites. In our VIP suite, you can enjoy a five-star affair with a spacious shower, flat-screen television, and large whirlpool bathtub.

Our rooms with private showers and bathtubs are given a deep-clean after every use.

The luxurious amenities make our rooms the perfect place to escape from the confines of your stressful life and relax with a beautiful woman.

Clean Staff

When you arrive at your erotic massage appointment, the last thing you want to see is an unkempt masseuse.

Take the time to choose an establishment that has regular masseuses working each week and when you arrive, make sure they look presentable and professional. The hostesses at Epicure work on a schedule and are some of the most stunning women in the country, highly-trained to offer a range of erotic massages to suit your needs.

Proper Neighbourhood

Before venturing to your new massage parlour, it’s important to check out the neighbourhood and make sure it’s safe. Several low-end establishments are often located in sketchy areas that increase your chance of being robbed or carjacked.

In Cape Town, we are the finest erotic massage parlour around. Unlike others situated in shady areas away from the main streets, Epicure is in a prominent area where you can feel safe in your surroundings.

Knowledge is power, and it’s important to do some research.


Many underground and cheap massage parlours often employ a wide variety of women from across the city. Many of these women are uneducated and will do anything for a quick dollar, which could put you at risk. If your masseuse has dry scabs or open lesions on her face and body, it’s best to avoid getting a massage, as you could get a skin infection.

It’s also important to mention that you cannot contract any form of venereal diseases simply from an erotic massage. For many years especially during the 80s and 90s, the public had this misconception that an innocent massage could transmit an array of diseases. Thankfully modern science has disproved this theory!

Where To Get a Safe Erotic Massage in Town?

If you’re a Cape Towner interested in receiving an erotic massage in the near future, check out Epicure, which offers the best services and most competitive Cape Town rates.

Our hostesses are extremely professional, clean and capable of handling all of your deepest desires.